By David Mikosz


Baskghazi's pedigree is as contemporary a Saddleseat English pedigree as is available today.

The entire first two generations alone tell an intriguing story of English type Arabian horses in America.

Starting with the magnificent Baske Afire whose record breaking sale and subsequent prolific breeding career has helped to define Arabian English Performance horses for a generation.

Baskghazi's dam RY Fire Ghazi has not only produced multiple National Champion English Pleasure and Park horses, but was a Champion English Pleasure and driving horse in herself.

The second line of Baskghazi’s pedigree starts at the top with the incomparable Afire Bey V.

Just below him is the pure Polish dam of Baske Afire, MacBaske. She garnered many National wins in English Pleasure and driving. Those of us who have been around awhile remember the excitement of watching the "shoot out" between her and HBB in the Final for the Amateur Championship at Freedom Hall one year. She followed her extensive show career with a record of producing even more National Champions.

The next one down in Baskghazi's dam's Sire El Ghazi. It is hard to say enough about the contribution he has made to the Arabian English division. A Champion English Pleasure horse himself, El Ghazi has become known as one of the breeds most notable broodmare sires.

RL Rah Fire provides an impeccable completion to the second line of Baskghazi's pedigree. This National Champion English Pleasure mare was as beautiful as she was talented and well known to pass both qualities on consistently.

Anyone who has watched Baskghazi perform would agree that he is as charismatic as he is talented.

Although Baskghazi's get are just hitting the show ring, he has already produced multiple National and Regional Winners.




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